Oregon Impressions by Dave Deason

When composer Dave Deason first contacted me, years ago, about recording a CD of his piano music, I was both flattered and confused—flattered that he considered me a good “voice” for his music and confused as to what he heard in my playing that caused him to choose me.  Within a few months of working together it became apparent that we not only shared a love for music that borrows from many different styles, but we also have the same wicked sense of humor.
Dave’s CD project became my second CD, Oregon Impressions: Solo Piano Music of Dave Deason.  Since then, I’ve gone on to learn (and record) many more pieces by this remarkable composer whose music has been performed all over the country—including Carnegie Hall.  Each time I return to one of his compositions, I’m struck by how compact, well-crafted, and lyrical they are.
Dave and I are both “transplants” to Oregon, but I feel he does an excellent job capturing the beauty of this state in his pieces.  Perhaps it’s only now, as I apply for a long-term visa in Ireland and prepare to move away from Oregon, that I can appreciate the poignancy in Dave’s music.
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