Reminiscence (for Elvira) by Dave Deason

This beautiful piano solo, written by Dave Deason, is one of my favorites and has been in my repertoire for over a decade.  I've performed it, recorded it, and taught it.  It's elegant, intelligent, spacious, and touching.  My most effective performances of this piece have come when I'm willing to play it introspectively, with lots of respect for the space between the notes.

Dave let me title this piece, but not without joking that he'd first have to figure out how to spell it.  I was in the middle of learning Reminiscence when my beloved Grandma Rizzo died.  Elvira Rizzo was a 4'11" ball of Italian energy, and in addition to being a wonderful grandmother to me, was a true soul friend.  Reminiscence became part of my healing.  When I told Dave about this, he immediately pronounced that the name of the piece would be Reminiscence (for Elvira).

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