Still by Dana Libonati

I met Dana Libonati when we both worked in the music department at Linfield College.  Dana taught vocal jazz.  I taught classical piano.  Very shortly after being introduced, we were friends and Dana was giving me jazz piano lessons.  Despite my strict classical "handicap," he helped me learn how to improvise and swing.  More importantly, the friendship we forged has lasted through years of working together (at Linfield, at Young Musician's and Artist's camp, and on joint projects), a divorce and remarriage on my part, a severe illness and recovery on his.  Dana's the brother I never had.

He also writes some great stuff, mostly vocal jazz composition and arranging, but every so often he writes a piano solo piece.  This is one he wrote one summer while we worked together at camp.  He titled it Summer Camp and has recorded it under that title.  Well, I like my title, Still, better and he was gracious enough to allow me to record and release it as such. I've played and recorded quite a few of Dana's solo piano pieces and this one has always been my favorite.  It's an audience favorite as well, and has long been one of my "go-to" encore pieces (even at the end of traditional classical concerts).

To get a copy of the score, email Dana at