Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Something Close to Tango by Jennifer Griffith

What do you get when a classical pianist/jazz vocalist/composer/lifelong player of Nazareth tangos gets commissioned to write a 1 minute piece for piano?  Something Close to Tango, of course.

In Jennifer's words, "tango for me conjures up music of Ernesto Nazareth whose tangos brasileiros my mother loved and often asked me to play for guests."  Juxtaposing rhythms and styles from Brazilian and Argentine tango, this one-minute gem is like a stolen glimpse into the lives of others--perhaps seen through an open door or spied from the window of a moving train.  We can guess at the story behind the scene, but it always remains tantalizingly mysterious.

I've been lucky to have known Jennifer for decades.  We first met in a piano master class for professional pianists and we bonded over a shared love of music, books, and the world of ideas and beliefs.  Her compositions include operas, choral works, chamber music, orchestral pieces, art songs, and a few piano gems such as this one.  She brings her fierce intellect and passion for beauty to everything she does.

To order this tango (and learn more about Jennifer), visit her website:

This casual home performance was filmed by Bob Wall.

Sunday, September 9, 2018


When I started the No Dead Guys blog a couple of years ago, I thought I was the only blogging pianist with a mission to champion living composers by putting out videos of their music.  Last week, thanks to the wonder of modern networking, I found MOVING CLASSICS TV which does what I've been doing on No Dead Guys, only bigger and better.

A musical internet channel founded by Munich-based musicians and enterpreneurs and run by classical pianist, Anna Sutyagina, this site gives contemporary music a creative face on the Internet.

In their own words, "MOVING CLASSICS TV stands for zeitgeist, creativity and new ideas. We present new music videos and interviews with composers from all over the world every week. It is an invitation for all listeners to make a new image of our present times with contemporary music: discover the beauty of contemporary music, listen to our times and experience what we call „echt zeitgeisty“. For the composers from all over the world MOVING CLASSICS TV is a unique platform to present their music, to get exposure and feedback from listeners and sell the music sheets. We are using Social Media for the promotion of Moving Classics composers."

Several of the videos presented on No Dead Guys have been included on MOVING CLASSICS TV,  and I look forward to many happy hours perusing and listening to the wealth of beautiful piano music featured on this site, especially those recorded by the expressive Anna Sutyagina.  The introspective video I chose for this blog--"For Mattia" by Douwe Eisenga--is a gorgeously-played example of the music featured on MOVING CLASSICS TV.

To visit the site: