No Dead Guys, a piano blog, is dedicated to new piano music, living composers, and thoughts on the intersection of music and life. I feature music with a tune-and-a-beat, composers with a sense of humor, and performers with a passion to "unstuff" classical music and make it accessible to everyone.  

No Dead Guys is a musical and literary site; I do not offer sponsored posts or reviews. 

Rhonda (Ringering) Rizzo
 is a writer and a former performing and recording pianist. Her novel, The Waco Variations, was released in the summer of 2018, and her numerous articles have appeared in national and international music magazines, including Pianist MagazineAmerican Music TeacherClavierPiano & Keyboard, and Flute Talk. A specialist in music that borrows from both classical and jazz traditions, Rizzo released four CDs, Made in America, Oregon Impressions: the Piano Music of Dave Deason, 2 to Tango: Music for Piano Duet, and A Spin on It.  She is a passionate advocate of new music and living composers.  


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