Suite for Guitar and Piano by Jason Heald

I met composer Jason Heald because I was looking for a gig. I landed the gig, and got much more than a concert date. In addition to becoming one of my friends, Jason is a prolific and talented composer. He writes musicals He writes choral pieces. He writes cabaret. He writes instrumental pieces. Jason does all this while maintaining a full-time job as as academic. I don't know when (if?) he sleeps.

Several years ago, Jason wrote a five-movement suite for guitar and piano for my friend, classical guitarist Pamela Goldsmith, and me. We've performed it many times, and several years ago we recorded it. The entire suite is lovely, but these two movements are my favorites.

There aren't enough pieces written for guitar and piano. It's a tough combination.  Jason's suite is idiomatic for both instruments, and he has found a way to balance the two elegantly. He does all this while writing approachable, audience-friendly music.

To get a copy of this music, visit Jason's website: Jason Heald