In case you missed it: the most-read posts of 2020


When I first started No Dead Guys, I was so nervous about blogging that it took me six months to start telling anyone but the featured composers that the site existed. Now, in its third year in existence, No Dead Guys reaches readers all over the world, and has expanded to include interviews, guest articles, and quite a few personal opinion pieces. Through these articles and interviews, I’ve gotten to know some dear friends better, and I’ve made multiple new ones.  

Readership grew dramatically this year, and much of that increase came because of those who agreed to be interviewed or to write for No Dead Guys. I owe them an enormous thank you, and an equally big thanks to you, dear reader, for continuing to read these posts, comment on them, and share them with others. 

It’s a joy to share my love of music with you. I hope you enjoy revisiting (or discovering) these popular posts of 2020.

Composer Interviews: 

A shout-out to the patient composers who not only tolerated my prying questions, but answered them so eloquently: Chester Biscardi, Garreth Brooke, Dave Deason, Darrell Grant, Jason Heald, David von Kampen, Alexander LaFollett, Joel Lundburg, Joel Pierson, Tom Schnauber, Mark Wheeler, Bill Whitley. Thank you!

Most read: 

1. Music Literature, and the Creative Process: an Interview with Composer Chester Biscardi

2. Music From a Room: an interview with composer Joel Lundberg

Musician Interviews:

I owe an equal debt of gratitude to the musicians who also shared their stories so beautifully on No Dead Guys: Paul Barnes, William Chapman Nyaho, Anna Sutyagina, Jill Timmons, Frances Wilson

Most read:

1. Publicist Frances Wilson on Musicians’ Worst Marketing Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

2. Creativity Has No Limits: an interview with Moving Classics TV Anna Sutyagina

Guest Articles:

This year I was gifted with wonderful contributions from writers who not only wrote more eloquently than I, but helped expand the blog beyond my voice. Thank you,  Amy Boyes, Doug Hanvey, Theresa Krier, and Howard Smith

Most read:

1. Fiddling While Rome is Burning: online piano lessons in a global pandemic by Amy Boyes 

2. This Moment’s Earthly Commotion by Theresa Krier

My most read posts from 2020:

1. A Musician’s Bookshelf: 10 Books That Made Me a Better Pianist

2. What’s Next? Musicians and the Post-Pandemic Economy

Thank you for helping to make No Dead Guys a success. 


Tom Schnauber said…
Thank you for a great blog that has been especially welcome in these trying times!
Rhonda Rizzo said…
Thank YOU for being part of it--both as an excellent interview, AND as my copy editor on several of these posts.