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Sex on the Piano: Music Marketing in an Instagram World

Call it my own personal “OK, Boomer” moment (although I’m actually Gen X), but I struggle with the rise of the Instagram Pianist, i.e. an extremely sexy young woman, dressed and made-up like a porn star playing (or draping herself over) the piano in an exaggeratedly sexual manner.  When these pictures and videos first started appearing, I ignored the soft porn and blocked the ones that crossed into sheer crassness.  I never listened to any of the playing, thinking that these women were the 21st Century equivalent of the Robert Palmer girls—pretty, but not musicians.
My avoidance ended a month ago when circumstances forced me to look more closely at these pianists, particularly the performer who could be named the “protopianist” of the "sex-on-the-piano" musical subset.  
First reaction: distaste Second reaction: awareness that I found the image déclassé and that my distaste was (embarrassingly) partially rooted in social class. Third reaction: reminded myself that a) “protopian…

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