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The Job of a Pianist in a "Post Truth" Society

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words  and that which cannot remain silent.”-- Victor Hugo
What is truth?
It’s an age-old question—one most memorably asked by the Biblical character Pilot.  What was once referred to as a “web of lies” is more of a “shell of lies” with few or no glimmers of light visible through a smothering shell of misinformation and DeepFake manipulation.  In this era of “relative truth” there are few absolutes on which to build a stable view of life and the world.  Simply put, there are few voices left to trust.  We’ve been betrayed and lied to by our leaders, our press, our churches, and our civic organizations. In too many situations we’ve been left with the information equivalent of a junk food diet. We’ve lost connection to universal human truth and replaced it with soundbites and tweets.
What is universal truth?
Universal truth is the bedrock of the human psyche.  It’s love, fear, passion, death, betrayal, playfulness, joy, celebration, and life.  It…

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