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Thoughts on Music and the healing power of beauty

Parked cars, asphalt, street lights--everything shimmered like a field of diamonds.   That’s what I remember of that afternoon decades ago when I, split wide-open with grief, left the hospital after the death of my best friend and walked into a world glistening with light—a small gift of beauty given to me when for a brief moment, rain clouds parted and a shaft of light illuminated everything.  And as the sunlight and shimmer poured into all the broken-open parts of me, I learned in one breathless second the healing power of beauty.  
It’s a lesson I never forgot.  In every time of grief or stress, beauty waits for me to remember to look, listen, and open up.  Beauty is everywhere—we’re swimming in it every second of our lives.  Beauty reminds me of what’s eternal and noble.  And while some dismiss a quest for beauty as escapism, I see it as an essential search for truth and sanity.  Beauty gives, it doesn’t take.  Wildflowers bloom for the sheer exuberance of it, not for any gain.  S…

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