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Pianists and the Art of Saying Thank You

There’s no such thing as a self-made pianist. Even those players eschew formal lessons have absorbed the teachings and skills of countless musicians who came before them.  Those of us who are privileged enough to have been given lessons from an early age are particularly indebted to our teachers.  We’ve been shaped through thousands of hours of guidance and instruction.  Through this knowledge we’ve been given the ability to sit at the keyboard, open a musical score, and coax beauty out of an instrument composed of metal and wood.  
Gratitude.  It’s not something we think of often enough as musicians.  As we work with ourselves and the score it’s too easy to see our inadequacies and failings.  We work to bring our music to the wider world but we despair at how often the art we love is received with blank indifference.  We forget it’s a privilege to play this music—that it’s a privilege to be healthy and wealthy enough to have the strength to press the keys and the finances to purchase …

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