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Take it from me: an interview with composer Wendy Edwards Beardall-Norton

Creativity is ageless. It follows its own path, and visits us in unexpected ways. Creativity laughs at the myth that it deserts us in our later years by choosing to bestow on many people late-in-life surprises and accomplishments. Composer Wendy Edwards Beardall-Norton is one who, while in her 80s, saw a flowering of her compositional talents after a long and successful career as a piano instructor. Encouraged by her husband, composer Christopher Norton , Wendy has released several books of piano solos, as well as vocal pieces. A woman immersed in the richness of a long, well-lived life, Wendy states that " music was, is and always will be, the magic elixir that has been the medium in which my life has flourished!" It is an honor to interview Wendy for No Dead Guys.   Her beautiful example is a reminder that if we're willing to listen, creativity is our companion at any life stage.   You started playing the piano at age 5. How old were you when you wrote your first compos

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