Adagio, from Gazebo Dances by John Corigliano

John Corigliano’s Gazebo Dances depict the sorts of pavilions often seen in the center of small towns across the country, where ad hoc local bands play concerts on warm summer evenings. Corigliano’s depictions of the mixture of the bombastic energy of marches and dance pieces, and the inevitable clashes and crashes of under-rehearsed ensembles is evident in the other three movements of this suite. Adagio, however, is a moment of true reflection, tenderness, and almost tragic beauty in the midst of the celebration.

Molly Wheeler and I have recorded the complete Gazebo Dances on our CD 2 to Tango. I featured our recording of the Tarantella previously on this blog. The suite continues to be one of our favorites, and this performance was part of a concert we gave a year and a half ago.

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