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Creativity is not productivity (and that's a good thing)

Learn a foreign language!Remodel the house!
Write a novel!
Get in shape!
When we went into lockdown six months ago (six years?), helpful articles and “listicles” cheerfully reminded us that even when the world turned upside down we needed to be productive, we needed to improve ourselves, and that sitting on the sofa staring numbly at the TV or endlessly scrolling social media for updates on far-flung friends was Just Not OK.
Well.  There may be readers who had the ability to embrace these ideas but I wasn’t one of them.  I watched in horror as my fellow musicians lost their incomes overnight.  I cried with my Mom when her nursing home went into lockdown and my father was (and still is) unable to visit her.  I worried with my sister when her husband lost his job.  And I spent weeks walking around in a brain fog, followed by weeks mourning all that we’ve lost, followed by weeks being enraged by political drama, followed by sleepless nights worrying about my family members who contracted (an…

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