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Crafting a career in the arts: an interview with Dr. Jill Timmons of ArtsMentor, LLC

Jill Timmons possesses the rare ability to share hope, even in dire circumstances. Her concert tours cancelled and projects suspended, the "unsinkable" Jill Timmons of ArtsMentor, LLC appeared on a FaceTime chat with me several days ago beautifully dressed, coiffed, and full of her trademark irrepressible energy.  Rather than succumbing to worry about things she can't control, Jill looks for ways to find solace and beauty in dark times. Her antidote to social distancing? Consult with clients online, play Brahms and Schumann, meet friends for virtual cocktail parties, and remain flexible, adaptable, and open to change.

I've known Jill Timmons for decades--first as a client of hers and then as a colleague and friend.  Where others see roadblocks, Jill sees possibility.  Her uncanny ability to uncover hidden abilities in her clients has allowed me (and countless others) to build sustainable careers in the arts.  Here, in this brief interview, Jill reminds us that survi…

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