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A Musician's Bookshelf: 10 Books That Made Me a Better Pianist

When I was a kid I had two sanctioned escapes:  practicing the piano or reading a book.  I played and read everything I could—learning old American Songbook standards along with Bach Inventions and reading Judy Bloom, C.S. Lewis, paperback romances, and an entire bookcase of Reader’s Digest Condensed Novels.  Perhaps is was inevitable that I’d make music and writing my career. 
I’m still a voracious reader—one who gobbles down close to 100 books a year.  I read for pleasure, I read for enlightenment, I read for entertainment, and I read (to paraphrase C.S. Lewis) to know that I am not alone. My “keeper” library spans nearly every genre (yes, everything from Thomas Merton to Stephen King) and out of these there are a handful that helped shape me as a musician.  Here, in a happy blend of fiction and non-fiction, are 10 of my favorites:
An Equal Musicby Vikram Seth

Synopsis: Michael Holme is a violinist, a member of the successful Maggiore Quartet.  He has long been haunted, though,…

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