Etudes, No. 2 and No. 3 by Scott Pender

Scott Pender's Etudes are an on-going project for me--these beautiful pieces are the two latest that I learned and recorded.  They're both one-take recordings (no edits) due to Scott's expert use of the pedal and the fact that there are no rests in either piece.

Scott describes Etude No. 2, "Counterfeits of the Past" as having echoes of Chopin and Scriabin, "sounding slightly out of place, old and new at the same time."  The title comes from a quote by Victor Hugo: "The counterfeits of the past take assumed names, and are fond of calling themselves the future.

Etude No. 3 is an expansive, touching homage (in the form of variations) to the great American composer Lou Harrison.

You can order sheet music of Scott's Etudes here: Scott Pender