Etude # 4: The Devil's Escalator by Scott Pender

Big leaps, thorny rhythms, breakneck speeds and huge dynamics--yup, everything you'd expect Satan's escalator to be.  It's also one of those pieces that offers ample room for theatrics and a few non-scripted tempo changes because, if it's devilish, you can't just follow all the rules...

According to Scott's notes, the title is an homage to Ligeti's fiendishly difficult etude, "The Devil's Staircase."  And, he suggests, "wouldn't it be just a little easier to have an escalator, even if it occasionally starts and stops, reverses, or collapses like in the cartoons?"

This performance was an informal one, filmed by my friend Bob Wall, in my home. I've also performed it in concert; it brought the house down.

To order a copy, visit Scott's website: Scott Pender


Zackdaddy said…
Exciting playing AND an exciting piece! I love the power you bring to these virtuoso pieces. Keep up the great work you are doing for composers. This is a unique activity which is bound to create lots of interest in an appreciative public. Congratulations!
Rhonda Rizzo said…
Thanks so much, Dave.